Harmony Improvisator

Harmony Improvisator is the most advanced harmonic composition tool on the market. It opens up the infinite world of harmonic theory by making centuries-old knowledge uniquely transparent. link


  • Perfect harmonic improvisation
  • Composing with the rules of classical harmonic theory - no professional knowledge required
  • Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music
  • Unique concept of harmonic pattern sequencing
  • Automatic calculation of exciting harmonic suggestions
  • Critical time advantage for creating harmonic frames of songs, soundtracks and arrangements

Visual Vox

VisualVox allows you to isolate and pitch shift individual notes of polyphonic audio material. VisualVox is an advanced digital simualtion of the inner ear, the cochlea, where the hair cell bundles give rise to enormous frequency resolution. link


  • Analyze polyphonic audio material
  • Isolate single notes out of polyphonic material
  • Pitch shift notes without affecting the rest of the audio material sounding at the same time
  • Isolate or exclude single harmonics of a note to understand and manipulate its sound character
  • The current version still bears the need for optimization before it is sold for the full price